There was a time when it was VERY RARE to see a beaver in Indiana. That’s not necessarily the case, now. While you may not see them as much as you see deer, it’s pretty easy to tell when they’re around.

Meet us at the Lakeview Activity Center to take a hike to find evidence of a nearby beaver.



Join us to celebrate the history of Judah, Indiana! Enjoy great food, fireworks and more!
Please check back for more details.


Kinser Auction Service was established in 1989. Since then, it has become the largest auction service company in Lawrence County.  They offer complete auction and appraisal services, including certified real estate & personal property appraisals. They put on many auctions throughout the year.

Click here to get a glimpse of the items that are up for auction today.




Lawrence County has a deep and rich history with Limestone. Step foot anywhere in the county and you will find limestone all around you. We dedicate an entire month to this resource and end it with a bang during the Limestone Heritage Festival. Join us for limestone carving, great food and SO MUCH MORE.

Please check back for more information.
Call our office for more information on Limestone Month


Annette McKee-Fultz is the author of “Soups On” and owner of the Guthrie Meadows B & B. Start this event out with a guided tour of her mansion and end it at Carousel Winery with a delicious lunch made from the recipes in her book.

Advanced ticket purchase required.


Event is sponsored by Carousel Winery.


Join the Spring Mill Naturalist on a 30 minute hike through the old growth forest and take in the beauty.  While you walk, learn about the beauty of the trees that are older than Indiana itself.

Meet at the Twin Caves parking lot.


Paul Bertsch Band is back at the Creek tonight! Don’t miss out. The band will be playing your favorite rock and blues songs from the 60’s and up. Not only do they play an awesome mix of songs from Eric Clapton, the Beatles and the Eagles – they have their own music, too! As a matter of fact, their 4th CD will be coming out soon.

This band could become your new favorite. You don’t want to miss them.

Plus, they’re looking for gigs for 2019! If you know someone that needs entertainment for an event coming up soon, send them to Salt Creek Brewery to check these guys out.

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