Spring Mill State Park

This is truly an event that you won’t want to miss! Come with us, if you dare, through the spooky Pioneer Village. Volunteers decorate the entire village and turn it into a scary, haunted spectacle. Eerie creatures, ghosts and clowns with chainsaws are around every corner as you walk through the maze.

ATTENTION: This event is not recommended for children under 8 years old. Strobe lights will be present in the Village.

Check back for more information once the event is closer!

Spring Mill State Park

For those of you that don’t know what a Persimmon is… well, it’s hard to explain. It’s a small, orange fruit. Describing what it tastes like is almost impossible, but the community of Lawrence County has mastered the art of making this strange little fruit taste amazing in so many ways.  You will just have to come to the festival to find out for yourself. Try some of the local favorites, such as, persimmon pudding and persimmon ice cream!

Don’t forget to check out the Candlelight Tour at Spring Mill State Park on Saturday, September 21.

We are excited to invite you to the Mitchell Persimmon Festival! This year’s theme is Mitchell, Around the World. Mitchell, Around The World, hopes to honor and spotlight Mitchell community members who have brought a little taste of “Mitchell’s Hoosier Hospitality” all across the globe, as well as those who have traveled from all corners of the planet to make Mitchell their hometown! The Persimmon Festival will feature food vendors, carnival rides, games and free live entertainment nightly featuring festival favorites The Endless Summer Band on Friday September 27th and the nation’s number one tribute to KISS, Mr. Speed on Thursday September 26th. The festival’s Grand Parade will be held Saturday September 28th at 2:00 pm. 

Andy Mullen, General Chairman

Spring Mill State Park

Stroll through the Pioneer Village and have a glimpse of what life looked like in the 1800s. Listen to beautiful, live music as you enjoy a walk by candlelight and observe multiple reenactments of pioneer life. Volunteers and park workers will be dressed in traditional clothing, creating crafts and providing demonstrations of earlier life.

Join us for the 53rd Annual Candlelight Tour sponsored by the Mitchell Chapter of Tri Kappa, a statewide sorority that supports many charity, educational, and cultural projects.

The event is free after you pay Park Admission.

$7 for Indiana Residents, $9 for Out-of-State Residents.

Spring Mill State Park

It feels as though you’re taking a drive back in time as you cruise the Spring Mill Campground for the Vintage Camper Rally. You can even take a look inside the beautiful campers during the Open House. Many of the campers have been impressively restored completely by the owners.

This year, the theme is Charlie Brown. If you have a vintage camper and you want to be involved, click here.

Spring Mill State Park

Gus Grissom was one of the Original Seven Mercury Astronauts and one of the first men to fly in space. If that isn’t exciting, we don’t know what is! He hails from right here in Lawrence County and it’s important that we never let his story go unrecognized. Take this day to remember our local hero and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Spring Mill State Park

Enjoy a night of soothing Jazz Music from Craig Brenner at the Spring Mill Inn.

Brenner will be bringing percussion instruments and invite people to play along with him. During his performance he will present the history of the park and tell us about Hoosier composers and musicians.

Spring Mill State Park


Take a step back in time – Relive the experiences of pioneers in the 1800s.
Enjoy fun activities, tours, demonstrations and presentations in the beautiful Pioneer Village and throughout the lovely Spring Mill State Park. Activities will go on all weekend.


Pioneer Memorial Service – 2:00 pm on Monday


We also are happy to announce that Memorial Weekend is the start of the season for Spring Mill. Do you know what this means?

You can now…

  • Take a boat tour into the Twin Caves
  • Rent a canoe or a kayak and paddle along the Spring Mill Lake
  • Rent a bike and hit the Mountain Bike Trail
  • Participate in activities at the Lakeview Activity Center
  • Throw on a swim suit and dive into the outdoor pool (if it’s not too cold)

We have been waiting all Winter for this! Let the Summer fun BEGIN!


Spring Mill State Park


9:30 AM – Cave River Valley Hike
Meet at Donaldson Parking Lot
Have you been to the property that Spring Mill manages in Washington County? It’s full of history! Prepare to get your feet wet as we hike down to the valley!

3:30 PM – The Transformation of Milling
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
With slides of historic maps, photos and documents, David Nord from IU will describe how a national and global revolution in flour milling played out in Indiana. Don’t miss!


10:00 AM – Wildflower Hike
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
The beauty of Spring is all around. Come enjoy a hike around the lake with naturalist, Chris, as he tells you more about the beautiful flowers of Spring. Hike is 45 minutes, rugged.

11:00 AM – Trees Tell a Story
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Trees can’t talk, but they can tel us a story through their rings and leaves. Learn about trees and their leaves in this interesting program.

3:30 PM – Creek Stomp
Meet at Village Ordinary
Feel the cool spring water on your feet as you explore who calls this creek home.

Spring Mill State Park



10:00 AM – All Tied Up
Lakeview Activity Center
Some knots can help catch a fish; some keep your tent standing, while others can help save a life! Learn about the importance of knots and how they are useful in the outdoors.

1:00 PM – Nature Preserve Hike
Tulip Poplar Shelter
Visit the Mitchell Karst Plains Nature Preserve with Spring Mill Volunteer, Tony. Learn about the history of nature preserves in Indiana. Hike is along the easy Trail 7. Approximately 45 minutes.

9:30 PM – Full Flower Moon Hike
Lakeview Activity Center
Meet Spring Mill Volunteer, Anthony, for this 1 hour moderate hike on Trail 5. See the outdoors after dark and learn about the full flower moon.


11:00 AM Stalactites, Stalagmites and Bats Oh My!
Meet at Pioneer Village Parking Lot
Go on a hike to Donaldson Cave and learn about unique cave formations and bats that live there.

12:00 PM Reptile Rumble
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Bring your lunch and meet us on the back patio of the nature center to discover what our reptiles like to munch on.

2:00 PM Hidden Caves Hike
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Visit one of Spring Mill’s virtually unheard of and smallest caves.

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