PersimmonWhat’s a Persimmon?

Persimmons are orange, plum-sized fruit with a unique flavor. Some describe it as being similar to pumpkin and a little puckery. This unique little fruit grows abundantly in the city of Mitchell.

It’s a Persimmon Thing

One of the most popular features of the Persimmon festival is the annual persimmon pudding contest. The baked dessert tastes similar to pumpkin pie filling, made from persimmon pulp. Persimmon pulp is readily available from local residents and farmers’ markets during the fall months. Make your own pudding by following along with a persimmon pudding contest winner on Youtube! Or Download the winning recipes and try them out for yourself!

Try It for Yourself!

Mitchell Persimmon Festival, Merry Go Round, Rides Midway73rd Annual Mitchell Persimmon Festival

Every year in mid-September, the city of Mitchell hosts the Persimmon Festival. These fun-filled days pay tribute to the unique locally-grown fruit.
Sadly, due to covid-19, the 2020 Festival has been cancelled. We hope to see you next year for the 74th Persimmon Festival.

Play & Stay in Spring Mill Stay Park

Kick back and enjoy Persimmon Festival, Spring Mill State Park and Spring Mill Inn all week long.

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