Celebrating Limestone Month – June 2024

Lawrence County proudly commemorates Limestone Month each June. Since the early 1800s, Lawrence County’s rich limestone quarrying and carving history has set this Indiana county apart. As a major supplier of quality limestone to the world, you’ll find Indiana Limestone structures in South America, Canada, England and of course, America. That is why we call ourselves Limestone Country.

Previous quarry at McCormick’s Creek.

Indiana Limestone is Unique

You may wonder what makes Indiana limestone so special. It is made primarily from calcium carbonate. This mineral was deposited over millions of years, as marine fossils decomposed at the bottom of a shallow inland sea, which covered most of this area during the Mississippian Period. Indiana limestone is nearly chemically pure, which means it’s about 97% calcium carbonate. As a result, it is particularly durable, low maintenance, affordable and has unmatched beauty.

Limestone is easily found in Lawrence County.

Where Limestone is Found

Limestone is found underground in the Stone Belt, a unique and limited area in Lawrence County and nearby Monroe County that is only 35 miles long and 10 miles wide. In this south-central part of Indiana, limestone is easily spotted along the highways and among nature. It is the reason for the gently rolling hills, rocky terrain, caves and caverns around the county.

Lawrence County Courthouse is constructed with limestone.

Famous Limestone Structures

Some of the most iconic American structures are made from Indiana limestone. The Empire State Building in New York, Chicago’s Tribune Tower, several federal buildings in Washington D.C. including the Pentagon, and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials are constructed with it. Even recent building projects include Indiana Limestone, like the new Yankee stadium.

Skilled stone carver at work.

Join Our Celebration

On Display Now – Land of Limestone Exhibition, StoneGate Arts & Education Center, Bedford.

Sat. & Sun., June 1 & 2 Limestone Weekend – Limestone Carving, Spring Mill State Park

Wed, June 26 Green Hill Cemetery Tours. Register by calling (812) 849-1090.

Fri., Sat. & Sun., June 21, 22 & 23 Annual Gem-Mineral-Fossil Show, Lawrence County 4H Fairgrounds

Fri. & Sat., June 28 & 29 Limestone Heritage Festival, Downtown Bedford. This is a huge event that includes pancake breakfast, carving, tours, food, beer garden, parade and live entertainment.

Sat. & Sun., June 28 & 29 Limestone Carving Exhibition, Downtown Depot in Bedford

Sat. & Sun., June 28 & 29 – Downtown Bedford Historic/Architectural Tour. Meet at the Lawrence County Museum at 10am.

Sat., June 29 Limestone Volkswalk 10k/5k, Bedford

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