Adventures in Spring Mill State Park

In the early 1800s, settlers found an industrial village near the flowing water from several cave springs. As they explored the area they found several sinkholes, caves and wooded areas. The pioneers took advantage of the land and created a self-sufficient community. The community grew becoming the foundation of Lawrence County. Nearly a century later, the village and surrounding land became known as Spring Mill State Park. Today, Spring Mill State Parks, offers a glimpse into the area’s industrial history while enjoying today’s nature just three miles east of Mitchell, Indiana.

Pioneer Village

Restored in 1914, the settler village features over 20 historic buildings to explore.  The Grist Mill, powered by water, still works today. Reenactors portray life in 1863, explaining the role they played in the community and demonstrating period crafts.

Grissom Memorial

Mitchell native, Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts. The exhibit features the Molly Brown spacecraft, his space suit and many other artifacts from his early life to his time at NASA.

Nature Center

Overlooking Spring Mill Lake, the Nature Center features live snakes, a bird-watching window, natural history displays and a children’s area. Park naturalists are on hand to answer questions and give presentations on the park’s flora and fauna.


Spring Mill State Park is home to Bronson, Twin, Donaldson, Hamer and other caves. Take an underground boat tour of the Twin Caves. The two caves are connected by a short river in the bottom of a limestone sinkhole. Guides point out cave formations and aquatic creatures.


The park is filled with trails, a campground, nature preserves, a swimming pool and more. Adventurers can canoe, swim, fish, hike and bike across the over 1,000 acres of woods, karst and waterways.

There’s so much more to do in Spring Mill State Park. You’ll need to stay overnight in Spring Mill State Park to have enough time to see it all. Be sure to check the calendar before your stay for public programs, lectures and special events year-round. Start your stay in Southern Indiana at Spring Mill state Park.

The Friends of Spring Mill State Park, a volunteer group for the Park, challenge you to hike all 10 miles of trails inside of Spring Mill! When you finish, order a trail-challenge t-shirt or pick up a sticker for $1 at the Nature Center or the Park Office! All proceeds go to various park projects/events – Click here to order the t-shirt

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