The Mastersons

Reed and Ashton Masterson are Award-Winning Illusionists that puts their audience in complete awe. With over 1,000 shows across 46 states, this incredible couple has been given the name “The Magic Duo of the 21st Century.” You will not want to miss out on the spectacular, fast-paced performance that they put on. It’s going to be BIG!

The Mastersons


“Reed & Ashton Masterson are Nationally Touring, Award Winning Illusionists, that bring a whole new meaning to the term Magic Show. With over 1,000 shows under their belt and numerous appearances on multiple national television networks, this Tag-Teaming Magical Twosome have taken everything you thought you knew, about a magician & his lovely assistant, and thrown it out the window.

Sharing the title of lead role, this duo packs each performance full of brain-bending new age illusions, highly trained rescue animals, ridiculous stunts, breath-taking escapes, audience participation, and just “the absolute correct amount of comedic relief”.  But that’s not all, each routine is precisely timed and choreographed to a dynamic, theatrical soundtrack that heightens the senses, and blends every element perfectly into a “phenomenal, Vegas quality show!””

~ Mitchell Opera House

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