What is a Persimmon?

Unique, puckery and a little bit quirky, the persimmon is a local favorite in Lawrence County. Persimmons are an orange, plum-sized fruit with a unique flavor, and thrive abundantly throughout the city of Mitchell, Indiana in Lawrence County. Although persimmons are used in several delicious treats, many residents of Lawrence County would describe the persimmon to be sweet yet puckery! With the orange coloring of a pumpkin when ripe, persimmons are the sweetest and ready to harvest in September.

Persimmons should not be eaten right off of the tree, as they will fall off the tree when they are perfectly ripe! Persimmons taste the best when used as an ingredient in a recipe. Residents of Lawrence County grew up on this unique fruit, and family persimmon recipes have been passed down, generation by generation. Persimmon pudding is one of the most popular recipes. Many would describe the texture as thicker than pudding, but not as heavy as cake. Each family recipe is special in their own way, and no two pudding recipes taste quite the same.

The taste of a persimmon is quite unusual to explain. It’s a persimmon thing, and you just have to experience it for yourself! There are a variety of places to try persimmons in Lawrence County. Head on over to these establishments and let us know how you would describe the persimmon.

Millstone Dining Room at Spring Mill Inn

The Millstone Dining Room at Spring Mill Inn serves persimmon pudding all year long! Make sure to ask for whipped cream on top to make sure you get the full experience.

Huckleberry’s Bakery

Huckleberry Bakery serves lots of persimmon treats. We highly recommend sampling their famous persimmon mounds and persimmon smoothies!


When you are ready to take on baking your own persimmon treats, Applacres sells frozen persimmon pulp for you to take home and make your own persimmon creations.

To learn more about persimmons in Lawrence county, click here.

For information about the 2019 Mitchell Persimmon Festival, click here.

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