Hickory Ridge Horse Camp and Trail System

  • North of Norman, IN, Hoosier National Forest


Located in the northeast corner of Lawrence County and Jackson County, this 45.9 mile trail is designed for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. It’s made up of a variety of long and short loops that wind through scenic hardwoods providing a chance to get away from it all. With a “spaghetti bowl” of trail options almost any distance can be tailored to ride or hike. The trails vary from easy on the flat ridges to difficult if you drop down into the ravines and trail use drops off the further you get from the parking area.

The Hickory Ridge Horse Camp is designed for horse camping, however, any Hoosier National Forest visitor is welcome to camp at no cost. It is a primitive campground but accessible vault toilets, hitching racks, and water for livestock is provided. Day use parking is also provided.

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