Whispers Estate

  • 714 W Warren St.
  • Mitchell, IN.  47446


Ghost hunters keep coming back again and again for Lawrence County’s most haunted place. Visitors report strange smells, apparition sightings, voices, footsteps, slamming doors and physical contact from spirits.

In 1899 (or 1901, depending on which source you reference), Dr John and Jessie Gibbons purchased the house from the original owners, Dr George and Sarah White. Dr John and Jessie Gibbons reportedly adopted abandoned/orphaned children. One of these children, a 10-year old girl named Rachael, started a fire in the front parlor, being badly burned, and died 2 days later in one of the upstairs bedrooms. But, you can still hear, and sometimes see, her running around the house today…

Tours & Offerings*:

  • Flashlight Tours – History, legends and lore of the property, house and occupants. Tour includes overview of paranormal activity.
  • Mini-Investigation – Conduct your own investigation for 2-4 hours after a flashlight tour.
  • Public Investigation – Conduct your own longer investigation from 9pm-5am, after the flashlight tour.
  • Private Investigation – Conduct your own investigation and have the haunted house all to yourself from 8pm-6pm. Includes a flashlight tour.

*Reservations Required.

Featured on:

  • Travel Channel – 2010 4th Most Terrifying Place in America
  • HGTV – 2013 America’s 10 Spookiest Homes
  • PBS
  • Destination America
  • Biography Channel
  • Syfy
  • A&E
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