Caving in Southern Indiana

Beneath the rocky, limestone terrain lies adventure begging to be discovered. Over years and years of erosion, streams and rivers in Lawrence County have carved through the limestone terrain to create these amazing natural wonders. The underground ecosystems are home to curious animals and intriguing rock formations. Explore three caves in Limestone Country.

Bluespring Caverns
Descend to 100 feet below the earth’s surface on a boat ride along the underground river. It stays a cool 52 degrees all year round, which is ideal for escaping the Southern Indiana summer heat. The tour guides steer the boats for over a mile, pointing out rare and native subterranean animals. The Northern blind cave fish and blind crawfish are two of the critters that can be spotted. While exploring the cave, passengers learn how nature carved this epic cave.

Twin Caves
Spring Mill State Park is home to another legendary boat tour and a set of twins. These siblings are a pair of cave entrances that are connected by a short river in the bottom of a limestone sinkhole. Guides pull the boats along a stream, both above and below ground, while highlighting the cave formations and pointing out aquatic creatures.

Donaldson/Bronson Caves
This cave system is downstream of the Twin Caves, formed by the same stream. Most of the cave floor is covered by water, so adventures can’t move too far into the cave. Follow the rugged Trail 3 to the Donaldson Cave overlook, through dense woods, limestone sinkholes and then to Bronson Cave. Hikers can even catch a glimpse of the Twin Caves from this trail. Talk to a Park Ranger at Spring Mill State Park for cave conditions before exploring.

Whether underground, along the stream or atop the woods, the caves of Lawrence County are a wonderful outdoor adventure. Happy spelunking!

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