Local Parks in Limestone Country

There is a place within the Southern Indiana rolling hills that’s called “Limestone Country” because of the stone terrain found there. It is the home of a special outdoor playground of caves, rivers, forests, parks and much more. The summer sun is shining in Lawrence County and there are many local “hidden gem” parks to be explored. Plus, visiting one of our Local Parks in Limestone Country is one outdoor activity that you can do all while social distancing, staying safe and having fun!

In Lawrence County there are many parks that are spread throughout the communities of Bedford, Mitchell, Springville, Heltonville, Fayetteville and Judah. Each park has its own unique flair, whether it is a beautiful garden, a scenic view of the rolling hills, quiet picnic spots, a stunning golf course, a new disc golf course, a city pool, basketball courts and much more. Here is our list of Local Parks in Limestone Country that are perfect for playing in the sun this summer:


Brookside Park

Edgewood Park

Garden Park

Murray Park

Otis Park

Thornton Park

Wilson Park


Mitchell City Parks

Friendship Park

Mitchell Unity Park


Springville Park


Heltonville Park


Fayetteville Lions Park


Judah Community Park

Visit a local restaurant while you are out.

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