Bluespring Caverns

Bluespring Caverns

It’s “Visit Indiana Week”

Celebrate #FamilyFunFriday at one of our a favorite recreational attractions here in Lawrence County. Bring the kids for an exciting adventure!

Midwest Trail Ride
Midwest Trail Ride is a privately owned Horseman’s Campground bordering the Hoosier National Forest. Enjoy access to nearly 100 miles of well-marked trails in the timeless beauty of the Deam National Wilderness with lakes, streams, diverse stands of hardwoods, evergreens and wildflowers… all to make your ride unforgettable.

Bluespring Caverns
At a cool 52 degrees year round and 100 feet below the surface of the earth, explore an underground river. Guides pilot custom-made boats along the subterranean river for over a mile, pointing out native rare Northern blind cave fish and blind crawfish and explain the natural forces that are yet at work creating great chambers below the rolling hills of southern Indiana.

Please keep in mind weather changes before planning out your “Family Fun Friday”

#HoosIN for fun with the fam?

National Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition in the U.S., where we celebrate the adventure of traveling to new and unique destinations all around our beautiful country. It is also a time where professionals in the tourism industry can celebrate the value that tourism provides for the economy and local businesses. Last year …

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Natural Limestone in Lawrence County

Another Limestone Month has come and gone, and we have been very proud to celebrate the Indiana native stone and what its history means for our county. Lawrence County’s rich limestone quarrying and carving history began in the early 1800s. Since then, the county has been known as “Limestone Country.” Limestone is found underground in …

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