Lawrence County’s rich limestone quarrying and carving history began in the early 1800s. Since then, the county has been known as “Limestone Country.” Many of America’s famous buildings were built of stone quarried from Limestone Country, including the Empire State Building, Chicago’s Tribune Tower, the Pentagon and the new Yankee Stadium. Limestone is found underground in the Stone Belt, a unique area in Lawrence County and nearby Monroe County that is only 35 miles long and 10 miles wide. It gives the area it’s rolling hills and has been transformed into stunning buildings and statues. There are lots of ways to see, touch and learn about the stone that built our community.

The Indiana Limestone Trail

Discover the stories of the region. From unmined, natural limestone and primitive structures to grand statues and buildings, visitors get a chance to see how limestone transformed throughout the centuries.


  • Joe Palooka statue
  • Steam channeler once used to cut limestone in the quarries
  • Limestone jail, homes and business



Print The Indiana Limestone Trail brochure at home or pick one up 24/7 at the Lawrence County Visitor Center.

Limestone Month

Every June, Lawrence County celebrates its history during Limestone Month. Join us for BBQ, exhibits, festivals, free behind-the-scenes tours and more. Mark your calendar for these events and check ours for more details.

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