9:30 AM – Cave River Valley Hike
Meet at Donaldson Parking Lot
Have you been to the property that Spring Mill manages in Washington County? It’s full of history! Prepare to get your feet wet as we hike down to the valley!

3:30 PM – The Transformation of Milling
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
With slides of historic maps, photos and documents, David Nord from IU will describe how a national and global revolution in flour milling played out in Indiana. Don’t miss!


10:00 AM – Wildflower Hike
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
The beauty of Spring is all around. Come enjoy a hike around the lake with naturalist, Chris, as he tells you more about the beautiful flowers of Spring. Hike is 45 minutes, rugged.

11:00 AM – Trees Tell a Story
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Trees can’t talk, but they can tel us a story through their rings and leaves. Learn about trees and their leaves in this interesting program.

3:30 PM – Creek Stomp
Meet at Village Ordinary
Feel the cool spring water on your feet as you explore who calls this creek home.




10:00 AM – All Tied Up
Lakeview Activity Center
Some knots can help catch a fish; some keep your tent standing, while others can help save a life! Learn about the importance of knots and how they are useful in the outdoors.

1:00 PM – Nature Preserve Hike
Tulip Poplar Shelter
Visit the Mitchell Karst Plains Nature Preserve with Spring Mill Volunteer, Tony. Learn about the history of nature preserves in Indiana. Hike is along the easy Trail 7. Approximately 45 minutes.

9:30 PM – Full Flower Moon Hike
Lakeview Activity Center
Meet Spring Mill Volunteer, Anthony, for this 1 hour moderate hike on Trail 5. See the outdoors after dark and learn about the full flower moon.


11:00 AM Stalactites, Stalagmites and Bats Oh My!
Meet at Pioneer Village Parking Lot
Go on a hike to Donaldson Cave and learn about unique cave formations and bats that live there.

12:00 PM Reptile Rumble
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Bring your lunch and meet us on the back patio of the nature center to discover what our reptiles like to munch on.

2:00 PM Hidden Caves Hike
Meet at Lakeview Activity Center
Visit one of Spring Mill’s virtually unheard of and smallest caves.

See: Adventures in Spring Mill State Park


Let’s take a hike around the lake and play a game of Scattergories with the things we spot in nature!

Meet at the Lakeview Activity Center



Celebrate Monday of Visit Indiana Week with the Bedford Hiking Club. The theme for today is GET MOVING.

Starting in 1987, the members of the Bedford Hiking Club have maintained their dedication to GET MOVING. Meeting almost every Monday, with a few other events here and there, the group travels around Lawrence County and beyond in order to enjoy nature and stay fit.

This Monday, the club is planning to take an approximately 1.5 hour hike along a little trail that some people may have never seen. Meet them at the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County on the west side by the Armory. From there, you will be walking along a pretty trail that leads to the Milwaukee Trail.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join the Bedford Hiking Club.

Get out and GET MOVING! #HoosIN #GetMovingMonday

For more information about this event or the club, please contact Alison Piper – (812) 277-0946




Celebrate Monday of Visit Indiana Week at Spring Mill State Park. The theme for today is GET MOVING.

Join us on this beautiful hike through the woods of Spring Mill State Park. Along the way, listen to the sounds of the creek, birds and squirrels. Check out the fascinating Donaldson Cave and learn all about the Scottish man that it’s named after.

Enjoy a little history with your exercise! Meet at the Inn Front Patio

Get out and GET MOVING! #HoosIN #GetMovingMonday



Celebrate Sunday of “Visit Indiana Week” at Spring Mill State Park. The theme for today is STATE PARK SUNDAY.

Today, visitors can get into 49 DNR properties throughout the state of Indiana for FREE. As this is also “Welcome Back Weekend” at Spring Mill, there will be plenty of fun activities for you and the family to take part in.

Non-denominational Worship Service
Visit the toy table in the Upper Residence
Play on stilts in the Mill Lawn

First Grind of the Grist Mill
(Dont miss this!)

Play the Game of Graces in the Mill Lawn

Make a yarn doll in the Weavers Cabin

Saw Mill runs

Make a cord bracelet in the Upper Residence

Watch the Gardener make corn husk dolls


Enjoy State Park Sunday! #HoosIN #VisitIndianaWeek #StateParkSunday


Spring Mill State Park

Join Tony and venture beyond the trails. There are a few caves that aren’t even on the map, and he’s going to show you! Wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

Meet at the Oak Ridge Shelter House.


If you have missed the last few chances to go on a hike at Cave River Valley, now is your chance. Meet Spring Mill volunteer, Tony, at the Donaldson parking lot. Then, follow him 15 miles down the road to this very special place that only a few people have heard of.

The hike will be rugged. So, make sure you dress appropriately.


Join the Naturalist at Donaldson Shelter parking lot to take a rugged hike to Donaldson Cave. Listen to stories about the Scottish explorer that the cave is named after. If you decide to enter the cave, you will want to wear clothes that you can get dirty!


Explore the beautiful hidden gem, Cave River Valley, with the Spring Mill State Park Naturalist. Enjoy a rugged hike through this primitive park, that most people don’t know about. It is recommended that you wear good hiking shoes and comfortable clothing, because the hike will be rugged.

Meet at the Grissom Memorial at Spring Mill to follow the Naturalist to Cave River Valley, 15 miles down the road.