The Hamer House


Welcome to The Hamer House of The Avoca Park & Recreation of Marshall Township! This beautiful house was built in 1823 in a small Indiana town, Avoca. It was built by the Hamer’s, a family with strong ties to Spring Mill State Park that is just a 20 minutes drive away. Over the years, it has been a post office, a general store and an inn.

The park in which the house sits was once known as the Avoca Fish Hatchery. It was a property owned by the DNR and used to raise fish in stock ponds – these fish were then released into state property waters. You can still see these stock ponds today. While they no longer operate as they did while the DNR owned it, they still do have some fish worth casting in a line for!

When you stay at the Hamer House, your front door will open to the 40 acres of public park land. You can see a babbling creek winding through the property from your bedroom window. At the back of the house is a new playground where all the kids can go to play after a family picnic. There are hiking trails that will guide you through the old fish ponds and up to an overlook where you can get a beautiful view of the whole place.

The Hamer House can easily host a group of 14.

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