Winter Kayaking in Bluespring Caverns

Just because winter is right around the corner, doesn’t mean kayaking is out of the question. Always at a consistent 53 degrees, the underground river at Bluespring Caverns provides a kayaking adventure you’ll want to share with family and friends! And, you won’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, snow or ice!

What an adventure!

Explore America’s longest navigable underground waterway! Bring a small group of four to eight people and take a three-hour guided tour on Myst’ry River. 

As you paddle, spot rare blind cavefish, blind crayfish, spotted red-orange salamanders and bats, just hanging around. Discover large and small cave formations on your two-hour round-trip passage. Also, along your adventure, you will encounter high, wide, narrow and lower passages, keeping navigation interesting and a bit challenging! That’s why they recommend you have some kayaking experience

This group had a bonding experience they will never forget!

Kayaks, lifejackets and paddles are provided. Rain or other weather events can affect tours. Kayak Adventure dates are limited and vary week-to-week. Reservations required. November Kayaking Adventures are available to book now. Keep checking back to our website for other exciting winter kayak opportunities.

Wow, look at those formations!

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