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The rolling hills of Southern Indiana offer breathtaking views, stunning color and the perfect backdrop. Many locals stop by these gems for family photos, senior pictures and spur-of-the-moment selfies. From natural wonders to local hidden gems, stop by these locations for your next Instagram-worthy photo.

Williams Covered Bridge, Biking, Trail, Recreation

Williams Covered Bridge

Williams, Indiana

It’s Indiana’s longest double span covered bridge and stretches over 402 feet across the White River. Inside the bridge, you can see wooden planks crossing each other to form the truss that holds the structure up. The fun design on the inside and the bright red exterior make this a can’t miss stop.

Williams Dam

Williams, Indiana

Along the White River, this retired dam used to power the electricity needed for Southern Indiana’s stone industry. Now, it’s used as a boat launch and fishing area. From the rocky shore, you can snap a pic of the cascading water and the historic building next to it.

Smokin Jims, Bedford

Smokin Jim’s BBQ Train

Bedford, Indiana

The cooking doesn’t happen in just any smoker, here. You may think it’s a train that’s gone off the rails at first. But, the train engine is actually the smoker that cooks all that delicious BBQ. Smoke even plumes from the train’s smokestack.

Pioneer Village, Grist Mill, Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell Indiana

Spring Mill State Park Grist Mill

Mitchell, Indiana

The 200-year-old working grist mill is the centerpiece of the Pioneer Village. From every angle, inside and out, interesting details are waiting to be spotted. Hamer stream flows through the village, towards the grist mill’s gigantic water wheel. Peer up and see how tall you stand compared to it. Don’t stand too close or you may get splashed!

Downtown Mitchell Mural

Downtown Mural

Mitchell, Indiana

Across the street from the Lawrence County Visitor Guide, the best of Mitchell is depicted on a large mural. Local icons like the Grist Mill, Grissom Monument, stonecutters, railroads and Lehigh Cement Company all paint the story of how Limestone Country came to be.

Otis Park Band Shell, Limestone

Otis Park Bandshell

Bedford, Indiana

The 80-year-old limestone bandshell was built to help employ the community after the Great Depression. The intricate details, towering columns and inspiring quote on the back of the structure are just a few parts of the historic bandshell that are begging to be photographed.

 Grissom Monument, Mitchell

Grissom Monument

Mitchell, Indiana

In honor of Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, member of NASA’s Mercury Seven and Mitchell native, a 44-foot limestone replica of his Gemini rocket sits in downtown. At the base of the statue, a memorial details Grissom’s life and contributions to space exploration.

Jiffy Treet Ice Cream

Jiffy Treet Ice Cream

Bedford, Indiana

Who doesn’t love reliving their childhood – especially with an ice cream cone in every color. Blue moon and rainbow cones are almost too pretty to be eaten. But, we hear the ice cream tastes even sweeter if you take a picture of it first.

These are just a few of the amazing spots to take a selfie in Lawrence County. Share your favorite selfie spot using #LimestoneCountry.

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